Kubernetes and Helm Deployments Session One

Kubernetes and Helm Deployments Session One


Flavors of Kubernetes

  1. EKS on amazon
  2. on-prem
  3. Google cloud

Helm Chart: Mapping information

Helm common charts



Where does docker fitting into all of this?

Kubernetes doesn’t require docker, but it’s flexible enough to support the docker environment

What is a deployment

  1. creates replica-sets
  2. Kubernetes provides stateful-sets. You can ask kubernetes not terminate the previous replica-set. As a best practice here, it’s always better to deploy the persistentance layer elsewhere such as RDS.
  3. Ingress, to route the external traffic to it - between pod and deployment replica-sets there is this layer of abstraction

DNS components

What do you need to understand as a non-DevOps Application Developer?

Developers need to understand

  1. Docker
  2. Pod - A group of containers that share resources. They will be deployed together, and allow them to communicate

How do we start a new application?

External example


Internal example


Use wms-server was a starter template

  1. First build a Dockerfile - pro-tip: optimize until you reduce the container to a smaller size
  2. Create a Jenkinsfile
    • Jenkins file is written in a combination of Groovy and Jenkins language. Blue Apron provided an superset of features, and you can find the documentation of this superset here
  3. Helm See the helm folder in each project
    • ingress you almost never have to touch
    • replace the application name in the Chart.yml and in each process yaml. The web process yaml is the Rails application.
  4. Knobs Q: How do we increase the number of replicas, memory, and CPU? A: You would reference the values inside a cluster. CPU is unlimited right now

Example of a cluster:


Upcoming Features

  1. removal of Jenkins Legacy EKS references
  2. improved syntax sugar
  3. IP Table modernization

Possibly upcoming features

Covered in This Class

  1. High-level overview of Helm as it related to Docker and Kubernetes
  2. A case study of a Rails application wms-server, and how kafka, sidekiq, and rails process are deployed using helm in this application
  3. Some knobs on how to tune the process memory and instance

Next Class

  1. Further explain the health check and how they’re used
  2. Perhaps go over two other flavors of deployment, one ember and one react
  3. Develop and deploy jenkins-ci-library-test together
  4. See how the staging and production process works in the Jenkins web UI