Node Day 2015

##Experiences at Conde Nast

  1. Architecture based on each teams - Epicurious, etc

  2. Greenfield rebuild

  3. Jenkens for CI

  4. Monitoring uses New Relic (alternative data dog)

  5. Deploy (AWS CodeDeploy for zero down time deploy) – capistrano (rails) and fab are alternatives

  6. Microservices mappings entitlements versus authentication in nginx

  7. Logging – bunyan for node and logs in json, use logstash and elastic search to combine logs from microservices

  8. Systemd (systemd is native to centOS similar to redhat)

  9. Puppet for configurations

  10. Private npm registry through nodejitsu (FTW, early adoption before npm private registry+enterprise is available)

##Panel, stories from conde nast, Bloomberg Web, Dow Jones (parent of Wallstreet Journal which is running on node)

  1. Schism between node.js and io.js

  2. Date warehouse, data science and sentiment analysis in a lucene search engine?

  3. Serverside vs clientside javascript – memory usage and debugging through new relics

  4. EC6 is coming in June! Not yet adopted in Production, dev experiments in babeljs and typescript

  5. Bloomberg’s deployment is also private and on private infrastructure, WSJ is on AWS

##IOT and node ( and Microsoft)

##NearForm experiences with Node since 2011

##Enterprise Adoption Panel (ancestry, fidelity, and paypal)