Sidekiq Session One

Sidekiq Session One

Rails Cast

  1. Sidekiq is a separate process that manages multiple threads
  2. Retry can be disabled <- retry can limited
  3. Important! Thread-safety needs to be implemented by the application, sidekiq does not do anything for you out of the box. This means
    • API endpoints need to be indempotent
    • transactions or locks needs to be used around shared objects and database tables
  4. Prioritization, side_option to specify any queue, and add a priority on sidekiq startup
  5. Deployment (here it is done through the Apronfile)
  6. Web UI for sidekiq
  7. Sidekiq middleware
    • client side happens before insert into redis
    • server side happens before job is run
    • Processor - processes all the middleware
  8. Sidekiq uses celluloid under the cover. It is an alternative to Resque.

Sidekiq In-Depth

Sidekiq is a way to perform multi-threaded background processing.

Simple Worker


Error Handling


Signal Handling

How to kill a runaway job

Debug shutdown
kill -TTIN tid (thread id)
Graceful shutdown
kill -USR1 tid # (USR2 is also an option, performs log rotation)
# by default waits for 8 seconds
kill -TERM tid

Job is pushed back onto redis