Dual booting Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS with Windows 8

I've been using RHELs of Redhat Linux at work for a while, but in the last few years, our linux boxes have all been switched over to a dynamic compute environment. I miss having full control over what I could install on my own Linux desktop and how easy it was to develop in that environment.

Setting Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS to dual boot alongside Windows 8 was really easy. I thought I'd write down the steps to make it easier for people to install it the way I did.

Installing Ubuntu

First you'd want to back up your PC. Then download the Ubuntu Desktop distribution here:

Now you probably want to put this image onto a CD or a USB drive for a bootable disk. 

Option 1: Creating an ISO


That should create a Bootable CD, if you run into issues check this troubleshooting page

Option 2: Bootable USD drive

For Windows 8, I didn't have a DVD so I used this program from Pen Drive called Universal USB Installer. If you have a USB drive with more than 2GB of space, this is an option.

Ubuntu also provides a program for creating a USB boot stick on Ubuntu



Now you're ready to begin the installation process. Ubuntu has a step-by-step instruction page here that enumerates them:

Out of the box, you should have Unity desktop preinstalled. You can also switch to a Gnome look and feel if that's more familiar. There's a pretty wide variety of apps available through apt-get, include a Spotify Linux Beta.

Apps on Ubtuntu


Installing Sublime Text 3 in Ubuntu via PPA


Installing Git through PPA

Spotify Preview on Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu